Listed below are some of my personal projects in summary; links to code available.

Synesthesia v3.2


A basic program for displaying frequency profiles for audio as images, and vice-versa. Created to test durationless evaluation of fixed-duration media, using frequency-power as factor due to its consistency across the duration ('key' in music theory). Later versions added 'roughness' quotient to further immediate analysis, and both factors are scaled to match intuitive evaluations. Development hung on the 'reverse' module, and the difficulties of producing palatable audio representations.

Code|Example Spectrum|Example Swatch

Resumation v0.2


A limited syntax processor for selecting and ranking resume items to meet listing keywords. Created to allow a scalable response to job-listings, attempting to approximate that used by employer-agents used to filter submissions for most relevant items. Although the algorithmic portion was finished, testing became hamstrung by the difficulties of building a full hierarchical work-skill dictionary, and development discontinued in favor of another personal employment strategy.




This very website. Created to give a more detailed insight than a single-page resume, while retaining an emphasis on functionality. Uses no Javascript, and currently totals just over 1MB.